Tia’s Story

Tia’s Story

There are currently over 60* children awaiting adoption in the region covered by Adoption West. Children who through no fault of their own are currently waiting for a permanent family. These children often come from neglectful and harmful homes, as an agency we want these children to live settled, fulfilled lives in a stable loving home.  Therefore, it is one of our primary focuses to recruit families to adopt; we are constantly looking at how we can encourage people to consider adoption.

In the spring of last year, we received an email which contained a poem – Tia’s Story, and the question ‘could we use it for anything?’. With a degree of scepticism, the poem was opened, and it moved the reader to tears.

This astounding poem was one young person’s amazing story from living in an extremely neglectful circumstances, to moving through foster care to eventually being placed with her adopted parents at six years old. It was heart-wrenchingly beautiful and inspiring, we had to do something with this poem.

Adoption West is not for profit organisation and as such the marketing budget is limited, but by roping in a few favours and finding a generous sound engineer and a wonderful animator, we made Tia’s Story into an animation. And now it’s ready to be shared and celebrated.

Adoption West have decided to share Tia’s Story to show what a difference adoption can make to a child’s life. There has been plenty of press that covers who can adopt, but more than that we want people to consider why they should adopt and Tia’s Story highlights this perfectly; she is succeeding and thriving because of the love, stability and commitment her parents have given her.

There are currently children awaiting adoption in your region, could you help them write the next chapter of their stories?

Tia’s Story is a short animation, available to view here on our website or at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzLBNCazt80


*figure correct at time of writing