About us

Who are Adoption West?

The launch of Adoption West represents an exciting new chapter in how adoption services are provided. Local Authorities in Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, Gloucestershire, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire have joined together to provide a dedicated adoption service, for the children in these areas awaiting adoptive families.

The aim of this collaboration between authorities is to deliver an adoption service that offers improved outcomes for both children and those who want to adopt. Working together as part of a larger region will help recruit new families more effectively, enable children to move into their permanent homes faster and will improve adoption support services as well as allowing us to share best practice and make our services even better.

As a recently established Adoption Agency, the team at Adoption West are very proud that the recent (January 2022) Ofsted Inspection found them to provide effective services that meet the requirements for good.

Our Principles

Our work at Adoption West is underpinned by the following principles:

  • 1

    Children are entitled to grow up as part of a loving family that can meet their needs during childhood and beyond. Where possible this should be within their own family.

  • 2

    The child’s welfare, safety and needs will be at the centre of the adoption process.

  • 3

    The child’s wishes and feelings will be taken into account at all stages.

  • 4

    Delays in adoption can have a severe impact on the health and development of children and should be avoided wherever possible.

  • 5

    The child’s ethnic origin, cultural background, religion, language and sexuality will be fully recognised, positively valued and promoted when decisions are made.

  • 6

    The particular needs of disabled children will be fully recognised and taken into account when decisions are made.

  • 7

    The role of adoptive parents in offering a permanent family to a child who cannot live with their birth family will be valued and respected.

  • 8

    Adoption has lifelong implications for all involved, including many organisations, professionals and individuals who have to work together in the best interests of a child.

  • 9

    Birth parents and birth families are entitled to services that recognise the lifelong implications of adoption. They will be treated fairly, openly and offered a support service.

Who we work with

We work with IAC (InterCountry Adoption Charity),  Adoption UK, CCS Adoption, New Family Social and other agencies to find and support families.