You never forget the moment you first meet your child. Mine was six years old.

Sometimes superheroes reside in the hearts of children fighting huge battles.

Exceptional children, need exceptional parents.


Adoption is all about making a positive difference to a child’s life and providing a stable, loving and permanent home for a child who, for whatever reason, is not able to live with their birth family.

Making the decision to adopt is one of the biggest steps anyone can make, but also one of the most rewarding. In order to decide whether adoption is right for you we think it is important that you find out as much as you can.

However, finding families for children is not the sole aim of Adoption West, we  also hope to provide support and somewhere to belong for those seeking information on adoption, those who require support around adoption and those whose lives have been affected by adoption.

We hope that this site gives you the information you need to progress on your journey, but please get in touch with Adoption West if we can help with anything further.


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