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March 31st 2021

The profiles below are  representative of  the type of children currently awaiting their forever homes.

These are not real children and all images are stock photos.

Laurie is a bright, chatty and inquisitive boy who enjoys socialising and being in the company of other children and adults. He is very active and enjoys playing outside where he can ride his bike, run around and jump on the trampoline. He is just beginning (with the help of his foster carer) to start climbing trees, which he thinks is amazing and takes great pride in telling people about.

He likes playing with toy cars, playdough and slime. He also has an interest in the solar system and has a dream catcher in his bedroom that he uses to get rid of worries and send good things in to space. Laurie is described as independent and is continuing to develop his self-care skills. He is good at trying new foods and his favourite things to eat are roast dinners, macaroni cheese and jelly. Laurie is currently in reception where he is progressing well, on track to meet his targets and has been observed making positive relationships with the other children in his class. He is described by his rugby coach to be an incredibly kind little boy and shows real concern for his peers if they fall over or get bumped.

Laurie loves his soft toys, and likes to build dens for them to snuggle up and watch his favourite TV shows together. At bedtime, Laurie is very particular about which toy goes where, and he likes to flip his pillow, so he has the cool side.

Laurie is very articulate and seems to have a good understanding of things. Laurie has a busy mind and is interested in everything; he is keen to share his ideas with those around him and his enthusiasm is often infectious!

Laurie has experienced neglectful, inconsistent, and sometimes frightening parenting, when in the care of his birth parents. He has made significant progress and benefitted from a structured placement where the foster carer has bonded well and communicates brilliantly with him; anticipating and understanding his needs.  Laurie has a very trusting relationship with his current carer, which has taken time to establish, it is felt that he will feel a loss on leaving his carer and that ongoing contact should be considered and promoted.

Laurie will need at least one female carer in his adoptive home and parents that are willing and able to take a therapeutic approach to caring for him.

Children that have been adopted often require specialist additional support at some point in their lives, at Adoption West we are committed to supporting the children we place and the children that live within the local authorities we represent, you can find out more about this support offer here.

Tilly and Max have always lived together, and it is very much a case of where she goes, he goes. Max adores his big sister and the feeling is very much mutual (most of the time). Both children are described as by their foster carer as being ‘sweet, sensitive and lots of fun’.

Both children are very energetic and love to be outside in the fresh air exploring, especially if they are in dressing-up clothes for added excitement. Tilly loves princesses, her current favourite being Disney’s Brave. Max is a big fan of superheroes, with Batman currently topping the charts.

Tilly has some delay in her gross motor skills, meaning she can find balancing and climbing a little trickier, but this doesn’t stop her trying. She has recently started swimming which seems to be improving her muscle tone and is helping her in this area of development.

Max can at times present as an anxious little boy and is hesitant with peer interactions, although this is improving. On occasion he can be quite bossy with those around him, and demand control, this is thought to stem from some of his earlier life experiences which were quite chaotic.

Tilly started school in September 2020, and although she is slightly behind her peers in speech and language, she is making excellent progress. She has lots of little friends and really enjoys her time at school, so much so that she pretends to be her teacher at home. She is currently teaching Max how to count to ten.

Max attends a pre-school two afternoons at week, he initially found this a little daunting and struggled to separate from his foster carer, but he is settling well and particularly enjoys circle time where he sings songs and plays with the musical instruments.

Tilly and Max’s foster carer has become an expert at adding ‘hidden’ fruits and vegetables to the children’s diets, food is a challenge for both children, but with encouragement they are trying tiny bits of new foods. This is likely to be an area that will continue to be a challenge for the children for some time.

Both children have a good routine, which they seem to benefit from, they are happy to go to bed and have no issues around teeth brushing or bath time, or though stories have to be carefully selected and chosen, which can take some time.

Tilly and Max have not had the easiest start in life and are thought to have witnessed a high level of domestic abuse in the home and suffered from neglectful parenting. The impact on their development and emotional/behavioural well-being will need close ongoing monitoring and they will benefit from a consistent, nurturing environment with emotionally available caregivers who can identify and support their individual and combined needs appropriately.

Children that have been adopted often require specialist additional support at some point in their lives, at Adoption West we are committed to supporting the children we place and the children that live within the local authorities we represent, you can find out more about this support offer here.

Jessie is a very, chatty, friendly and independent little girl, who knows her own mind and is not afraid to express herself, especially when she wants her own way. She likes to engage with other children and is very caring towards her younger sibling Alex, she has always lived with him and clearly identifies with him as her brother.

At bedtime she enjoys story time and enjoys ‘reading’ books to herself and looking at the pictures. Jessie has recently discovered the wonders of Disney Princesses and is particularly keen on the film Brave and dressing-up as Rapunzel.

Alex can be initially cautious when meeting new adults and presents as shy and quiet. Alex appears at these times to seek reassurance from his older sister Jessie, who will speak on his behalf at times if he is feeling shy. Alex is a friendly child who likes to engage with other children and demonstrates an ability to play with, as well as alongside, however at two years old he also has clear ideas about what and who he wants to play with.  Alex can follow adults’ simple instructions at nursery and can play within a large group as well as on his own for short periods of time.

Jessie and Alex lived in a chaotic and unhealthy home where their basic, emotional and developmental needs were not being appropriately met. There were no routines and the older siblings were relied upon to address the younger children’s basic needs, this is also evidenced in the way Jessie sometimes ‘mothers’ Alex.  Alex and Jessie experienced emotional harm through the impact of severe neglect.

Jessie and Alex have two older siblings who remain in foster, arrangements will be made for ongoing contact with older siblings. Both birth parents are reported as having a Global Intellectual Functioning estimated to be within the “Below Average” range. It is anticipated yearly Letterbox contact will be arranged with birth parents.

Jessie and Alex have a good level of general health, there are no concerns in this area. They are both reported to have good appetites and show willingness to try new foods. Alex’s language acquisition, fine and gross motor skills do show some areas of delay, this will continue to be monitored, he has been seen to make good progress since entering foster care.

Jessie and Alex need an adoptive family who can provide them with a safe and loving home. Due to Jessie and Alex’s individual needs they require a family who have patience, acceptance and understanding. Jessie and Alex require an adoptive family who can help them reach their potential.

Callum has made huge progress since being in care, he presents as polite, playful, observant and active. Callum enjoys imaginative play, especially dressing up as superheroes. Callum’s current favourite TV show is Paw Patrol. Initially Callum was very wary of physical contact, but will now accept hugs from his foster carer, and is starting to initiating them. Callum loves his little brother Kieran but he and Kaitlyn do squabble on occasion and show signs of normal sibling rivalry, although they can play well together.

The foster carer describes Kaitlyn as cheeky, feisty, loving, funny and tactile.  Kaitlyn’s relationship with Callum has greatly improved in recent months although it remains complex. Kaitlyn and Kieran have a good relationship, she particularly enjoys playing schools with herself as the teacher and Kieran as the always enthusiastic pupil. Kaitlyn loves new experiences and exploring, she enjoys dancing as well as looking at books.

Being premature Kieran is still on the small side for his age. The full impact of Kieran’s premature birth is not yet known, but he is meeting milestones according to his chronological age and making good progress. Kieran adores his older siblings and follows them around. He particularly enjoys being outside and messy play.

Callum and Kaitlyn witnessed domestic violence with parents being emotionally unavailable, inconsistent and unpredictable in their behaviour. This led to the neglect of the children as parent’s needs were prioritised. The home environment was extremely chaotic with many changes of address and carers. The children were exposed to parent’s poor mental health.

The children will require parents who are willing to gain the skills of therapeutic parenting and support the children to make sense of their past. Adoptive parents will require a solid support network to be able to fully meet the needs of these siblings.