Peer Support and Social Events

Peer Support

We can direct you to a number of adopter led groups and forums, who currently provide peer support and discussion about a wide range of issues relating to adoption.

Adoption West believes in the importance of adopters establishing a network of other adopters so that they can support each other, share experiences and working. Adoption West will work, with you, to connect you with other adopters who live locally. We would advise you to use Whatsapp groups created during Stage Two training to connect with other Adoption West adopters who are at a similar stage in their Adoption Journey.

We would add a cautionary note here,  please be mindful when using Whatsapp groups, and indeed when accessing content on social media – everyone’s journey and experience are as unique as them and their children – it’s not always helpful to compare 🙂

We are currently evolving our peer support offer and working closely with our colleagues at both CCS and WANDS to do this. Please keep checking-in.