Therapeutic Services

Once you become an adoptive parent, if an assessment of need identifies that therapeutic support is appropriate, this can accessed through the Adoption Support Fund.

The Adoption and Special Guardianship Support Fund (ASGSF) provides funds to local authorities (LAs) and regional adoption agencies (RAAs) to pay for essential therapeutic services for eligible families.

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Adoption Support Workers can also help you access other specialist services, such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. This includes NHS-commissioned health services to meet the needs of adopted children.

Phone number for all enquiries: 03303 550 333

The NATP was founded in 2017 by Sarah Naish to provide support, training and advice to all families of children who have suffered developmental trauma. It is now run by her daughter Rosie Jefferies along with a board of directors and core staff who all have experience in child trauma, through either supporting traumatised children themselves or being a former child in care, and therefore have a depth of understanding which is really appreciated by the families we support.

Services offered include:

Support Network: Listening Circles – All members are allocated to a listening circle – this is a support group where parents can talk through their issues, find support and strategies, but most importantly meet up with families in the same kinds of situations with the same sorts of experiences.

Support Network: Peer support online – All members are invited to join closed Facebook group for members.  This is a closed moderated group where members are able to air their own issues, ask for advice and strategies, vent or even share their triumphs and good news!

Members Hotline – Members can call the empathic hotline in order to be directed to the correct support. This may be a 1-2-1 consultation, resource, training, free videos or one of the many other services NATP provide.

Website – As a member you can access the NATP Website ( for:

  • -Resources – handouts, videos, essential downloadable letters to schools, articles, links and much more.
  • -Events – Keep up to date with our events, training, listening circles and family tailored events.
  • -Recommendations –Members will share their personal recommendations for therapists and schools they can feel are trauma informed and have helped their child and family.
  • -Books – The book section is to support and aid parents with Therapeutic Parenting and related subjects. These have been recommended by NATP Members for parents, and for children to read with parents.
  • -Shop – NATP have shop with a variety of items in, all aimed to help families with different behaviours. For example, timetables for regulation.

Training – From specialist training provider Inspire Training Group.

  • -Face to face events
  • -Webinars
  • -Online training

Sign Up: As a Parent of Adoption West your membership has already been paid for! Contact your a member of the team to find out more.